May 11th, 2005

Wednesday, May 11

Badly drawn butts: Panel 1. And that guy, who I'm now fairly sure is not Gordon, is pretty wide in the beam. (Who is he, anyway? It's so unlike Lynn to depict any character who doesn't get a backstory about whatever the saintly Pattersons saved him from by allowing him into their circle.)

Panel 1: So they've definitely lost a bolt. And Merrie's not choking on it. Well, great. But I honestly don't see how the whole moving process was a four-person job! And, like, that's all they get? "Thanks"? No beer and pizza? No fish? No wampum? This is not Mtiggerandpoohville, after all! (tm somebody else)

Panel 2: Jeez, they look like they're about to start singing "O Canada." A two-bedroom apartment. Yes, the pinnacle of existence.

Panel 3: IANAParent, but I'm not sure it's a good idea to carry on a conversation, in presumably normal tones, with your spouse while you're tucking your kid into bed. If the kid is asleep, or nearly so, that could wake them up. And furthermore, it's kind of like you're feeding the cat instead of saying goodnight to your child, to be talking over your shoulder to someone else.

Panel 4: Gads, this is just ASININE! Put the mattress on the floor and sleep on that!

Panel 5: But then we wouldn't get the coy, 1950s-style gag of the neighbors pounding on the ceiling because [tee-hee] they think the sounds are caused by Mike and know! [tee-hee!] And maybe tomorrow's strip will have them daring to lean towards each other for a chaste goodnight kiss, at which point the bed will collapse, leaving them with arms and legs sticking out every which way! And the pillow will be on top of Mike's head! Oh my sides!

I swear, this is pure sitcom. Like a show I once saw where a guy was demanding that his wife and kids be absolutely. silent. so he could fill out the income tax forms. Hilarity ensued as one kid got the hiccups, another kept piping up, "Is this quiet enough, Daddy?" and mom got a phone call with required her to repeat numbers to the other person. All of which could have been avoided if Mom and offspring had just left the house and gone to a movie or something.

Thursday, May 12

Badly drawn butts: Panel 3. How can Mike have such chicken legs and such big, meaty glutes?

Panel 1: Deanna clarifies the situation for anyone who didn't see yesterday's strip. Or anyone who did, but didn't make the connection between "EEK AWK" emanating from the bed and "THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP" rising up from a starburst on the floor. But today, the "THUMP"s are in a mushroom cloud! The neighbors are about to go nuclear! (And there's a mushroom lamp on the bedstand, too. Early '70s residue, I guess.)

And Mike says "We'll get it fixed," as if the Grouchy Neighbors can hear him. (Interesting, too, that yesterday he said they "shouldn't be any trouble" as if trouble is something he always has to be on guard against.)

Panel 2: Deanna's hair looks like a mop. And Mike looks like he's half-asleep---only how could he have been asleep at all? Or maybe he's just in John mode: "Oh, the wife is complaining again. Guess I gotta say something to shut her up."

But how does Mike know that "the new tenants knew there'd be a family upstairs when they signed the lease"? I've never been told anything about other residents when I've moved into a new place. Is that how it is with Lovey: she doesn't do walkthroughs when someone moves out, but new tenants get a description of the occupants of every other unit?

Panels 3-5 (or is that FLUSHHH a column instead of a panel?): Now, does Michael suddenly have to go to the bathroom from the stress of it all? Or was he just checking to see what would happen? At any rate, people who bang on the ceiling when the people above them flush the toilet must be total psychos. And what, did they run to that part of their unit, or worse, follow his footsteps, so they could hit right near where he's standing? Furthermore, he looks practically inbred in that last panel.

Of course, this could be something to simply be worked through and dealt with. You know, like married couples usually do, who aren't symbiotic with their parents. But of course this is going to build to an unbearable level of tension that can ONLY be alleviated by moving back to Milborough.

And you should see them over on the FOOB Yahoo! group. They're actually excited at the prospect; they think it would be so sweet and adorable. Blaugh. I think Cookie Monster* was right: Mike should have been dropped from regular rotation after he married Deanna.

*My husband read this a little while ago, and told me he doesn't want to be "Mr. Bun". In light of the fact that this LJ is registered to "Cookie77", he will now be known as the Cookie Monster.