May 9th, 2005

Monday, May 9

Panel 1: Why does Mike look so apprehensive, for heaven's sake? And, would I be overly PC if I noted that gee, it just happens to be the man of color who's liftin' that barge, totin' that bale? Yeah, probably; Mike's carrying stuff too.

Panel 2: Merrie's all excited! But...she still has to share a room with her infant brother, who cries at odd hours and so forth. So tomorrow or the next day, we will take up the thread of the discussion about how the Pattersons Redux REALLY need a four-bedroom house.

Panel 3: Of course Deanna took care of everything in the kitchen. The only time Mike goes in there is so he can hear Merrie make suggestive Tot Malaprops about utensils.

Panel 4: Okay, this is a logical disconnect. They probably would have to take the bed frame apart to carry it up a flight of stairs, especially if they had to go around corners. But didn't Mike know they were doing this? And if he didn't, one would still think that the person who took it apart would take responsibility for putting it back together. Unless, of course, this was merely the setup for another lame pun.


P.S. Anyone read Harold and the Purple Crayon? I still love the ending. "And then Harold made his bed. He got in it and he drew up the covers." (Harold uses his purple crayon to create all the objects, buildings and landscapes around him. So he was literally making his bed and drawing the covers. H&tPC was written and drawn by Crockett Johnson, who also did the comic strip "Barnaby and Mr. O'Malley", both of which were adorable without being cloying. And about a zillion times more clever than FOOB currently is.)