May 8th, 2005

Sunday, May 8

I'm assuming that, since anyone reading this is online, you saw the throwaway opening panels, in which we were treated to another NOKD name: Blintswelter. Now, where do you suppose that name originated? Some poor Polish baker who had to make blitzes year in and year out. and sweltered in the summer because they never got to leave the kitchen?

John's gray at the temples. Is this a new development? (I'm asking; I don't rmemember.) And it's kind of creepy to see him making the Triangular Mouth of Joy over and over.

But what I really don't understand is, why is John on the hook for the Mother's Day obligations? I mean, April's practically grown up now [bleh]; can't she make dinner? And take some money out of her slutdress fund to get Elly a gift? And Liz should be sending a dreamcatcher or something. And Mike should really be ponying up, since he's going to be buying the house soon!