May 6th, 2005

Friday, May 6

There must be some really weird lighting in this house. Anyone who's not in the foreground is a dark silhouette. It's like a commercial for iPod, or DeBeers.

Panel 1: Aw, Elly's getting all sentimental. (I was never allowed to play on a staircase when I was a kid, but perhaps that was just my mom.)

Panel 2: At first, I thought that line after "house" was dividing the sentence, a la Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. "Yeah, this was a great house---FOR ME TO POOP IN!" But then I realized it was just Mike's dialogue stem. Why is he talking out of his ear, though?

Panel 3: Mike looks like he's going into a trance. Yeah, I guess home ownership is just a pipe dream when you're a magazine editor married to a pharmacist. They'll probably never move on up. And speaking of moving on up, how did they get to the top of the stairs, necessarily bypassing Merrie, with no break in the dialogue?

Panel 4: Ack! Elly looks like she's flirting with Mike! And they're going right back down the stairs? Why did they go up in the first place? They weren't carrying anything. Is the air more clear up there, or something?

Panel 5: Uh...right. Mike seeing things through eight eyes would mean that he sees other points of view besides his own. Namely, Dee's. And I know Sunday strips aren't continuity, but that should really be seven eyes, since Merrie put one of his out of commission.

Saturday, May 7

Oh jeez. Oh jeez o man.

Not much to comment on, visuals-wise, except that Deanna's flat face looks odd in panel 1.

As for the dialogue, holy guacamole. You guys called it. At least, it looks like you did. This could still turn out to be another non-starter, like Elly's nebulous plans for retirement or Jim's intermittent Alzheimer's. But still, I think you all deserve a pat on the back for at least predicting the trial balloon. Here's cookies: @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

ETA: OMG! I was reeling and totally overlooked this! In panel 1, Deanna also has no boobs! Do they retract when she's not breastfeeding Robin?