May 4th, 2005

Wednesday, May 4

Panel 1: I don't even want to think about an alternate scenario that involves Lawrence coming over with "the guys". Also, it looks like Mike has a bit of a potbelly. And what's that hanging from the ceiling? Spiderweb? Balloon string?

Panel 2: So now Dee has to clean two apartments. Though Mike was holding a broom or a mop in the first panel, so presumably he's pitching in as well. Unless it's just a prop for him, like Joseph's staff in a Nativity scene.

Panel 3: AAAUGHHH! Could Lovey be any more repulsive? And jeez, two foreign words in one talk balloon? Zheesh!

Panel 4: Well, I must admit I don't get it either. I can't fathom college professors leaving chicken bones on the floor and gouging walls. Must have simply been a setup for another of Lynn's everlasting puns.

And I still don't get why security deposits are illegal in Ontario. What's the reasoning behind that? Who does it benefit: the property owner, the tenant, or both?

Thursday, May 5

Panel 1: Oh, they're all worn out. But I still say, it shouldn't have been their responsibility to clean! And, unpack what? Why were they putting absolutely everything they owned into sealed boxes just to move up one floor? They couldn't have kept a change of clothes and other essentials within easy access?

Panel 2: What a metaphor! Dee has one kid in her arms and another tugging at her leg, while her poor husband, who probably had to sweep an entire floor by himself, tears his hair out, and her saintly mother-in-law offers salvation!

Panel 3: Ew, I hope Elly's not going to put that spoon back in the pot after she's sipped from it!

Panel 4: Elly, give me a break. Seriously. You do not have an empty nest. You still have a kid at home; two if you count that guy in the engineer costume. Anyway, you're the one who kept adding on to the house when your kids were younger. NOW you regret the empty space? Hey, I know what you could do to alleviate loneliness! Have you ever thought about getting into the retail business? I know a bookstore where the owner hardly ever shows up!