April 29th, 2005

Friday, April 29

"An'"s: One.

Badly drawn butts: Panel 5---Yikes!

Panel 1: Now, why does April have to start by telling him "Mom's ticked"? He knows that; that's why he's hiding in his train workshop. But doesn't he look all cute in his engineer overalls and cap. And what is Edgar doing---ogling him?

Panel 2: Ah! Well, that is a good point. I think it's generally been like that all along: John's penis extensors are too fragile for any practical usage, so Elly's workhorse does the heavy hauling. I can understand her frustration, then.

Panel 4: But that's a good point, too: she could have told him herself.

Panel 5: Okay, I must be a bit slow on the uptake. I can tell from Elly's expression that John's remark is self-serving in some way, but I can't pin it down. What I do know, though, is that John is certainly dressed appropriately to be in the same panel with that ginormous caboose!

Saturday, April 30

Ah, another cozy bedroom scene. I bet it'll end with John and Elly making hot monkey love! Or at least with the two of them snuggling up together. You know, being affectionate? Maybe...nah.

Panel 1: John had his heart set on the Excess-of-Fifty-Years (tm Anonymous)? How long do you have to have an idea about something to be able to say your heart is set on it? Surely longer than a day (which I believe is how long this sequence took in strip time)? And if Elly's happy, John's happy. Too bad it doesn't work the other way around.

Panel 2: Where is Elly's hand? All I see is the ruffle at the end of her nightgown sleeve. And those bags under her eyes make her look like Mrs. Rochester. And, so this is what it takes to get her motivated to go in to the store? Wonder what kind of car Moira drives, that she's so willing to pick up Elly's slack all the time?

Panel 3: AAAUGH! That's gonna give me nightmares!

Panel 4: Sigh...Elly turns her back on John once again. But I don't quite get his thought balloon. Was that the real plan---to get himself into debt? Way to set an example for Dr. Morsel! And why does he look so terrified now? Is a practical car going to get him further in debt than the penis extension would? And what was all that talk about losing money on a car being no big deal? Is it only something to be shrugged off when it's his car?