April 28th, 2005

(no subject)

Panel 1: So, as noted by someone in the previous thread, the "O" in Pavo is a turkey's head. Or is it a peacock's head? I can't quite tell. And does John have chewing tobacco in his mouth?

Panel 2: AAAAAAAAA! April has no face! I swear, there are no features at all. I assume she's turned towards John, but she doesn't even have the outline of a nose! And John looks like he has two faces: one in front, one on his right. It's a Picasso!

Panel 3: So April (and her speed-freak eyes) decides to intervene, see if she can wheedle Elly into giving in. After all, in just twenty-three months, she'll be licensed. That's practically tomorrow, right?

Panel 4: Elly, there's a simple solution to your stress problem. One that people have been suggesting to you for YEARS. It's called NOT BEING AN UPTIGHT SHREW. She absolutely cannot handle it when people don't fit her very precise, very narrow expections. Tell me again how she's different from Mira?