April 20th, 2005

Wednesday, April 20

No quotes, no "an'"s, no inventaslang (tm someone on another blog), no b-d-bs. Shoot. I feel like I raced to the edge of an empty pool.

Anyway. In panel 1, John looks like he's shedding a cocoon. Perhaps he's a crimefighter by night, and forgot to change out of his costume before he got to the office? Beyond that, the tooth sculpture on the credenza is a nice touch, as are the cartoony covers of the brochures in the rack.

Panel 2: Judging by the look on John's face, perhaps he's thinking of including Moira in that time off! Oh, no wait: Moira never has any free time: she's always picking up Elly's slack.

Panel 3: That's him?! The Morsel? What the hey? Well, but I can see what he and April have in common: they both use triple exclamation points when they're excited.

Should I google those dental terms? Nah. I'm sure they're accurate, and I don't have any pressing need to know their definitions.

Panel 4: So I guess this is a wakeup call for John: can't let himself be outshone by the new guy! Whaddya want to bet that tomorrow's strip has John doing a routine checkup on some hick, wondering in thought balloons how and when the magic went out of dentistry for him, while Morsel essentially tap-dances around the operatory, charming everyone and cracking better puns than John, just to rub it in a bit more?

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Wouldn't it be very funny if Lynn has the same attitude about reseraching dental procedures that she does about figuring out real teen slang and she's actually making up all terms that Dr. Morsel was going to do? Maybe you can only do a 2 unit bridge. And there are dentists everywhere reading this strip and thinking "that idiot doesn't know what she's talking about."

Thursday, April 21

Panel 1: Okay, so now John's at lunch, and I don't get another shot of the Morsel so I can tell if he has facial hair or not. I'm not saying he doesn't; I'm just not positive that that's what was shown in yesterday's strip. Maybe I need my eyes checked.

Panel 2: What kind of doctor is Ted, anyway? I'm not sure it's ever been made clear. I think I remember references to his giving counseling, and here he talks about enabling both births and deaths. Is he a GP? I didn't think there were any more these days. But Canada has socialized medicine, so who knows.

And meanwhile, he has kind of a mad-scientist look to him, with the eyebrows and everything. It's been implied before that this guy is maybe not the one you'd want for your family doctor, and looking at him today, I quite agree.

Panel 3: I'm noticing that John has an awful lot of hair for a guy over 50. Or is it all his?

Panel 4-5: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What does he mean---he feels physically ready but not mentally? Is his back bothering him, so he might have to retire, even though he doesn't want to? I can't figure out where John stands on the matter of retirement. He can afford to, but he loves dentistry, but he would love more free time, but he feels threatened by Morsel's enthusiasm, but his physical health is deteriorating, but his mind is as sharp as ever...And he's the one telling Elly, "Good, bad, make a decision"?

And what is the image in the last panel supposed to mean? Earlier panels indicate that silhouettes of pedestrians are visible through the window. So that's not John's reflection, but some guy on the sidewalk. He's got a brush cut, but he's kind of hunched over---is he old or young? John's younger self? The old man he's soon to become? Or just a random passerby? In which case, why is he in the picture at all?