April 17th, 2005

Sunday, April 17

Badly drawn butts: Well, April's looks kind of pointy in the second-to-last panel.

Well, it looks as if April's the one with the medical problem! She has to keep a rejuvenating device pressed to her ear for an hour a day, during which time Elly dresses her, walks her around, carries her guitar for her, and drives her to some kind of testing center. At the end of a session, she regains consciousness, with no recollection of what has transpired. How odd.

But at least she doesn't have her hair up in the "antenna of evil".

One hour to go...

...until Monday's strip. So what do you think this week's sequence will be about?

April and Shannon? Mike and Dee in the ninth circle of hell otherwise known as parenting? No, I bet it'll be back to Liz and her charming native village.

Was discussing this with Mr. Bun yesterday. He said, "The problem is, Lynn has too many storylines going on. She should have phased Mike out after he got married, because that's a whole other family, and it almost makes it two strips. And we don't need to see so much of Grampa. Especially not him signing some woman's butt---I can't believe Lynn put that in, then acts like it's a scandal when April wears a miniskirt!"

Monday, April 18

Badly drawn butts: Panel 2 and panel 3.

So in panel 1, we get a recap for people who didn't see Saturday's strip. I assume that's why Elly asks for confirmation on what she's been told, unless she's really really slow to catch on. And John tells her that "the place would hardly change at all". Except that there'd be, like, an owner on site once in a while.

In panel 2, Connie has returned---no, wait, that's John. He speaks well of Beatrice, and of "that new girl you hired". Waitaminut---I thought Beatrice WAS the new girl! Or does he mean April? But she's not officially on the payroll? Or is she? And if there is another new employee besides Beatrice, why didn't we go step by step through the whole agonizing process?

In panel 3, it appears that John and Elly are in Jonathan Swift's Lilliput: they're both taller than the doorway.

And in panel 4, we finally find out what all this has REALLY been leading up to! Elly's not needed! She'll end up sitting in a doorway, holding a sign that says "WILL NAG FOR FOOD" and asking strangers if she can change their babies' diapers! April better go roadside pronto if she's gonna get knocked up before the strip ends!