April 15th, 2005

Promoted from comments: "Somebody explain this to me, please".

Anonymous posted:

OK. I went to the mothership to find out exactly how old John and Elly are. While I was there I was reading John's "likes and dislikes". Surprisingly Elly didn't make the "dislikes" "short list". One of his dislikes is "game players" (he's a straight shooter, but the ammo isn't "live". What the hell does that mean? Am I that "out of the loop" that I don't know "current FOOB slang"? Maybe LP gets bonuses for the amount of extraneous "punctuation" she uses.!?

Now here's one I can't figure out.

This is from February of last year. Jeremy Jones has been lurking in the hallway, listening to the band practice. After informing them "Your music sucks," he takes off, and April proceeds to tell the other band members Jeremy's life story. "His dad's in a band...Jeremy never sees him." "An' that's our fault?" "Nah...He thinks it's his."

So then we get this:

Gerald: That's so weird about Jeremy wishing he'd never been born. I mean, we have no control over what kinda family we land in! You're just...THERE!

Becky: A newborn baby is totally innocent. Nothing is his fault! If the family you get is bizarre, that's the way it is! You just gotta survive, that's all.

April: But how do you do that, Becky? How are you supposed to know how to think an' act an' live?

Becky: Find someone you trust an' respect...an' try to be like them!

Gerald: But a baby trusts everyone! That's the problem...an' a baby doesn't even know what "respect" is!

Becky: No...But they know what security is...an' they know what's FAIR!


I have no clue what that last line is supposed to mean. Anyone care to give it a shot?

Saturday, April 16

Oh, fuck you, Lynn. Fuck you sideways with a wire brush.


Okay, so Elly and John are interacting. But are they in the laundry room, and John's hanging up shirts so he can take them upstairs all at once, or is the ironing board in the bedroom? And in panel 2, it looks like Elly's pulling taffy. But then when I saw the huge clouds of steam emanating from the iron, I remembered what she was doing. I just can't interpret FOOB without these big honking visual cues.

Now, what the heck does John mean, that this scheme was Moira's? Has she talked to him about this before discussing it with Elly? For which I would not blame her: presenting any new idea to Elly just gets you a week's worth of hand-wringing and dithering, ending with Elly storming out because this is all so crazy and she can't deal.

Or is he referring to the original buy-out, when Elly took over the store from Lily and John put up some of the money? Does he mean that Moira wanted to be a co-owner, but couldn't afford it at the time? We have been shown that she has a great deal more on the ball than Elly.

Anyway, so that's where we are. No heart attack, just Elly's inability to haul her whiny ass all the way down the street. Oh, and again, Fuck. You. Lynn.