April 14th, 2005

Friday, April 15

Badly drawn butts: Actually, Connie's looks pretty good, relatively speaking! I'm glad it does, so as to prove her claim that exercise pays off.

In panel 1, I have to give the amputee (Connie) and the polio victim (Elly) credit for being able to jog when both their right legs are so severely afflicted.

And in panel 2, we see the return of the loose ponytail that an anonymous poster was mourning! Well, of course the bun would fall down if Elly tried to jog while wearing it.

Now the last two panels could be a stand-alone gag, or they could be the start of a Very Special Episode.

Option one: Connie mentions that she's retired, and wants to know when Elly's going to take a break, meaning in the long-term, figurative sense, from working. Cut to Elly taking a break in the immediate, physical sense, from jogging. Ha...ha.

Option two: Connie reminds the audience that she has medical training. Cut to Elly, who needs that expertise pronto. Dun-dun-DUNNNNN!

We shall see. Meanwhile, one last thing: In panel 3, how can Connie begin a sentence with a dash? Lynn's, use... of "punctuation" drives me---nucking futs.

ETA: ellcee, yes, you get partial credit! But so does the person (people?) who predicted a car accident.