April 11th, 2005

Monday, April 11

Dang it! I missed the gratuitous "quotes" in Saturday's strip, when Elly said, this is the "new me", to the accompaniment of her gurgling stomach. Today, though, for once, the "quotes" are not "gratuitous", since they're preceded by "They say..." However, I don't know who "they" are; I've never heard anyone say that aging is not for the faint of heart.

Thoughtful of Elly to call Jim "Dad" in panel 1, because in that long shot, she could just as easily be Liz, or April, if the shading of the hair is off.

In panel 2, the stem of Elly's talk balloon looks like a duodenum, appropriately enough. And the dentist has arthritis, and Elly specifies that it's in his hands? That could force an early retirement!

In panel 4, does Elly even have pupils? And in panel 5, her nose is not even a potato; it's a turnip!

ETA that Dixie, in panel 1, looks like she's expired already.

And yes, I daresay Jim would give a lot to have Elly's problems.

Tuesday, April 12

Five points to Schmoosie! "If it were me complained to about aging, I'd say, "Well, just consider it. You are darn lucky to be aging." Then I'd drop the name of the friend of her's who died of cancer "So and so isn't so fortunate." Of course the plinky plink music of life would be playing in the background."

It would be ten points if he specifically mentioned that Elly had a friend who had died. But you still get credit!

As for the last two panels, we've been over this before. Many times. Elly has never been comfortable with whatever age she is. She has always claimed to feel younger (while griping like a yenta), and this is not the first time Ol' Potato Nose has mentioned scoping out a guy and then realizing he's Mike's age. IANAPsychologist, but I'm under the impression that people who regret their lost youth weren't happy even when they were young. So what's really bothering them is realizing that time didn't heal their wounds, and maybe wishing they could go back and do things differently.

Check out Jim's wattle in panel 4! And these young chicks who are 50: are they the ones that he signs their---IRIS!

Also, go easy on that tea, Grampa. You know it goes right through you!