April 8th, 2005

Tomorrow's strip

I wonder what it will be about? April comes home and gets a pat on the back from John for bringing balance to the Force? April's still at the store, making a full confession to Mr. Singh? Or just a filler strip with April trotting down the sidewalk, thinking about how terrific life is?

Personally, I think she should be upfront with Mr. Singh. Not because stealing a bag of candy hearts is such an egregious crime, in and of itself, but because the one other time we saw Mr. Singh, he seemed to be a nice guy. Nicking something from his shop was an insult, and that's really what she should be atoning for.

Saturday, April 9

Well, that's one out of left field!

I'm surprised that this isn't a Monday strip. Seems odd to introduce this topic on a Saturday.

Elly looks younger in this strip than she has in a while, particularly in the first panel, with her hair fanned out. Perhaps she should give up the bun...nah; she said it disguises her supposedly flat head.

Now when did she go to the doctor? I'd assumed that Dr. John's healthy takeout dinner was the same day as the baby shower.

And she has a stomach complaint? That explains a lot. Or perhaps it's explained by her SuperGrandma tendencies: this is what happens when you martyr yourself. Still, props to Lynn for imparting medical info: I didn't even know people had sphincters at the tops of their stomachs!

ETA: LC, I wish you'd been logged in when you posted that, because your name should be on record for making that prediction. I so bet you're right. One of the most ominous phrases in fiction is, "So what did the doctor say?" And as I said, this medical prob that John and Elly seem to be taking for granted did come out of nowhere, from the reader's POV.