April 1st, 2005

Friday, April 1

Okay, I'm unclear on what's even happening here. The dogs hear a click, then race towards a closed door and crash into it.

So where did the "click" come from? Was the door they ran into an inside door? Serious question again: do dogs have such acute hearing that they can hear an outside door go "click"?

Anyway, how riveting. I don't know about you, but I could do without these filler strips. They had their place once upon a time, but when Lynn's set the stage for drama! drama! drama! then who cares what the dogs do?

Meanwhile, in real time, today is April's birthday, but who knows what day it is according to the strip's internal calendar. Her birthday will probably be observed in the Sunday strip.

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Elly: "April's a good kid - it's just that the hormones have been doing a number on her lately. She and Gerald are "just friends" again, which is a relief from a mother's viewpoint although the talk shows and news reports indicate that I shouldn't worry any less."

Augh! How I despise people who take their parenting advice from scare journalism! "Does your perfect child have a secret life as a roadside gig? Tune in to Sally Jessy and watch us make teenagers cry!"

John talks a lot about the model railroad. I don't believe there's ever been a letter from him that didn't. Well, there has to be some explanation for his absence from the strip.

Liz says: "I read a lot of stuff online but it's not the same as having a book in your hand. For one, you can't take the computer into the bathtub. Not safely, anyway."

Wow, she's inherited her father's razor-sharp wit!

April says: "Four more years and I'm not a kid anymore! I'll be able to drive in two years, which is awesome."

Oh wow; I'm impressed. You get older every year!

Deanna says: "Fortunately, I can still get away with "totally" and "cool" in my vocabulary thanks to the 80's revival that we're experiencing."

...Maybe I'm old, but I didn't know those words ever went out of style. ???

Iris says: "Jim sends his best regards. He's having a nice nap in his favourite spot by the window. I'm tempted to drop a mint in his mouth, but I won't!"

Uh, yeah. Please don't. I don't want to think what kind of fantasy that would engender.