March 31st, 2005

Thursday, March 31

Well, I guess the question of whether the "dollar dance" was for real or not is just one of those things that Lynn wants to "leave up to the readers' imaginations!"

So April thinks the shower was "weird, weird, weird". Again I say, when you're 14 and you know everything, anything adults do is, by definition, weird. But of course, April is a Patterson, and automatically knows what's the done thing.

And in panel 2, Elly lays it all out for us. The baby's health and Anthony's happiness are priorities. It goes without saying that Therese can burn in hell.

Now let's forget all that and reminisce about April's infancy. Since when does she have blue eyes? I always thought they were brown. Serious question for parents, because I really don't know: Is it true that all or most babies have blue eyes, but that they settle down to another color, or a "true" blue, after a few days?

Full of beans. I'm not gonna touch that one.

Last panel: Oh. my. god. She did not say that. April, listen to me, 'cause I'm gonna say it loud and clear: YOU ARE NOT GROWN UP.

But who wants to bet that Elly is thinking, "Yes...and when the hell is Liz going to give me yet one more chance to put the grand in grandma?"?