March 22nd, 2005

Tuesday, March 22

"An'"s: One, in panel 3.

One of the stalls in the food court is called "Wok's Up". Ha ha...ha. That doesn't even work as a pun. Meanwhile, Becky is scoping out guys and thinking, "Doofus, hunk, nerd, foob, foob, hottie..." Huh? Only one of those terms---"hottie"---is au courant. The first three are from, like, the dark ages, when, like, Mike was this age, y'know, ancient history? And how can you tell if someone's a foob just by looking at them? I thought that was supposed to be a character judgment, not an assessment of appearance.

So in panel 2, Becky demands, "What took you so long?" I didn't know they had a set time to meet. Anyway, Becky has the predicted fit, although yesterday's prediction doesn't come true. :( "She gets disoriented in crowded places" might be a nod to Stephanie, Shannon's real-life counterpart. But again, I wish we'd seen more of the process, not just April saving the day.

Now, I assume that in panel 5, Becky means the guy walking past her when she thinks "Foob". Still, I don't see what's foobish about him, except maybe his hair. At any rate, that's a pretty lofty attitude from someone who was just sitting by herself until Saint April showed up. And if he's such a foob, why is looking at him more important than listening to April's answer to the question you asked? Perhaps this is Becky's special need, as April once noted: the need to be surrounded by guys at all times.

Will this be the end of it, I wonder? Or, tomorrow, will Becky lecture April further on the foobishness of her association with Shannon? Either is possible, I suppose. And did April buy the card? Will the evil baby shower ever be played out in the strip? Tune in next time! Gads, I WISH Lynn would pick just one storyline and stick WITH it!

Meanwhile, check out the color version of the strip. All the "extras" are either purple or a sickly shade of light blue-green. Malls really suck the life out of you, I guess.

Foob, defined.

For the anonymous poster who asked, and anyone else new to the FOOBiverse, Lynn made up the term. She also assigned the definition of "slut" to the words "gig" and "roadside".

Someone (not me) emailed to ask if these terms really were common teen slang. Lynn replied, through a staffer, that they were not; she didn't want to use current slang that would be outdated eventually. So instead she uses terms that sound stupid NOW. Whatever.

And we call the strip FOOB, and its odd conventions the FOOBiverse because someone (not me) on the late Fametracker forums noticed the similarity to the acronym FBOFW. Easier to type FOOB.

Wednesday, March 23

"An'"s: One, in panel 2.

The guy in panel 1 looks a lot like Jeffo.

Okay, I'm not even fully convinced that Becky is evil, here. On the one hand, she is acting like quite the little bitch, and I don't see how the girl in panel 3 is a porko. Or a zombie or an airhead. As for her being a foob, Becky sounds like those girls in middle/high school who will say of another, "Oh, she's such a SNOB!" as if they weren't.

But on the other hand, well, this kind of talk usually springs from insecurity. When you don't like yourself very much, you attempt to feel better by putting down others. She's not dumping pig's blood on anyone's head, after all.

And of course and as usual, we have April THINKING that she shouldn't associate with Becky any more. But will she ever have the stones to TELL Becky that she's out of line? Or will she just stay in this endless loop until Lynn retires? At this point, I'm more impatient with April's silent condemnation than I am with Becky's putdowns.

Meanwhile, April's hair looks like an antenna. I wonder if that's her direct line to god? Since she's such a saint, and all.