March 18th, 2005

Satiurday, March 19

"An'"s: One, in panel 3. And again, a weird angle on April in panel 2.

So asking a store clerk for assistance doesn't occur to April, either. And apparently, Shannon's not able to describe her mom, so they're just going to have to hang out until she shows up.

Sigh. More infantilizing of Shannon. No, I don't suppose it's unreasonable that she would be anxious in this situation. And I suppose it is more sensible to stand and wait in a place where you can be seen, rather than go looking for the person who's looking for you. amd run the risk of traveling in orbits that never intersect. But why does April have to have her hands on Shannon's shoulders? How is that going to help anything, and how will it make her less self-concious? As Shannon points out in the last panel, it's not normal. Again I say, this scenario is unnecessary and demeaning.

I would say that I think I know what this is leading up to. Becky will walk into the card store only to find April actually TOUCHING!!! a special needs kid, and declare that their friendship is at an end. "But why were you hanging around with her? How could you let yourself be seen with her? You're so embarrassing to be around, April---you're always doing weird things!!" The only flaw is that Becky asked April to meet her at the food court. But perhaps she'll get fed up with waiting, and will remember that April was going to the card store. Or maybe she'll come in just to announce that some gig is giving her a ride home.

And however it turns out, we'll probably still be asked to believe that the mother of a special needs kid would take her responsibility so lightly that Shannon could stop to look at something (as opposed to running around wildly or wandering off while the parent is standing still; I do understand how easily kids can get lost when they do that) and mom would't notice until she was so far away that retracing her steps could take enough time for Shannon to go into a panic? It doesn't add up. But then, neither does water on a sidewalk outside a hotel, or a guy telling his mother-in-law to go home and calling it a clash of the titans.

ETA: I just checked the official FOOB site:

"Shannon has a strong personality. She can be stubborn and moody, but generally she's positive with the determination to overcome all obstacles - to the best of her ability."


And this quote from Stephanie, Shannon's real-life counterpart:

"Q: Can you go to the mall by yourself?
A: When I was 15 it was difficult, but now in my early 20s, it's not a problem."

So Stephanie must have had some kind of trouble at a mall. But I wonder if this is *exactly* what happened to her, or if Lynn glurged it up?