March 15th, 2005

Tuesday, March 15

"An'"s: One.

I guess it's always going to be five panels from now on.

So, in the first panel, we find out that Deanna is hep to the jive, and in panel 2, that she's bilingual. Wait---doesn't Therese speak French? Is there something Deanna's not telling us?

And what the heck kind of cityscape is this? In panel 2, it looks like the car is headed directly into a Japanese screen. And is that snow on the ground? Then, in panel 3, I can just barely see two cars, and they look like they're floating down a river past a couple of giant subwoofers.

And apparently, an hour in a car with April is a respite. Deanna must REALLY hate her kids.

ETA: Oh, okay then! (But the cars in panel 3 still look like they're under water.)