March 13th, 2005

Sunday, March 13

Wait...who's that guy? Do I know him? Look familiar to any of you?

Careful, John: in panel 1 you seem to be driving with your eyes closed, and in panel 3, just blank eyeglass lenses. And both Elly and April have those perfectly round speed-freak eyes.

So Little Miss I'm-Going-To-Be-Driving-In-Two-Years points out that the alleged fogey looks to be the same age as Dr. John. But I wouldn't count him out: after all, he did have flame-orange lettering in his word balloon in panel 6.

But meanwhile, what's Elly doing in that same panel? Is the car going at hyperspeed, forcing her to close her eyes? Is she sending a subliminal message to the other passenger: "My husband can outdrive your husband!" Or is she merely passing gas?

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Shelwood says...

I've decided that I will view this from the Therese-centric version of FOOB someone brilliant suggested on FT. What really happened is that Tracy brought Anthony and Therese her old baby stuff. It turns out that Therese had a rough labor, and her feelings about spending time with the baby have changed, so both she and Anthony are going to take some parental leave. Since their income will be greatly reduced, Therese thanked Tracy and innocently told her, gee, we have everything we need now except money! Somehow this got twisted in the Patterson's shower invite from an offhand comment to a rude request. Poor Therese, so misunderstood.


You know, that is a really good theory! And I would applaud Lynn if it turned out like that.

But it won't. We'll probably never see the shower, nor even hear a report from April. And certainly Therese will never be allowed to speak in her own defense.

This subject will not be pursued further. It is only meant to bolster Lynn's Gossip Is Truth meme. People say Becky sleeps around, so that means she does. People say Therese is a money-grubbing twat who castrates her husband, so that means she is.