March 11th, 2005

A moment of silence...

...for Fametracker Forums.

We had fun. We shared wit and wisdom and insight. We met cool people. And we have risen from the ashes. :::hugs:::

Now, does anyone know what's wrong with Elly's Revenge? I can't read comments. I can't post comments. And I don't know how to contact the owner of the site! I want that site to succeed! That guy (gal?) has a unique take on FOOB that I just can't duplicate, and I can't carry the burden of FOOB snark all on my own!

ETA: Thanks for the info. And I can't believe I put three Ms in "comments"...twice, even!

Saturday, March 12

"An'"s: None.

Gratuitous "quotes": None.

Improper use of punctuation: Panel 3. Dash following a comma.

Five panels again.

Well, another Saturday strip that sums up the week. First panel states that they're going to move into the apartment above the current one because it's bigger. I said on FT that Lynn makes a habit of this, the same way the soap opera strips sum up the week's events in the Sunday strip.

And our insightful April is finally the one to state it in plain language: Pattersons are just plain good to have around. Like Smuckers jam or fresh brewed coffee, they make every day special.

Deanna is standing in the foreground, but with her back to the reader, in panel 3, the better to display her ample hips. And judging by the swish marks in front of Robin's pacifier mean, he's sucking hard, Maggie Simpson-style.

Now, the last panel, I don't get. I didn't detect any sarcasm in what April said. Perhaps it would have played better in live action. At any rate, we get a break from the usual plinky-plunky-music-of-life ending: instead, we get slapstick!

I wonder if those strained peas have some kind of mutant properties, though. I can't quite tell what's going on with Mike's face. That looks to be his nose just below the clump of peas hitting his face---so where's his mouth?