March 9th, 2005

Thursday, March 10

"An'"s: None.

Gratuitous "quotes": One, with an underline. (I don't count "baby sister" being in quotes, since April is throwing it back in Mike's face.)

Mike, don't be such a dick. Elizabeth is a college graduate and a school teacher, living on her own. Anthony is a married man, an accountant or whatever he is, and he was a teenager when you met him. Neither of them is a little kid. Your DAUGHTER is a little kid: surely an insightful, educated person such as yourself can see the difference? Don't give April that bitchface like you do in panel 5.

Face it, Mike: if you admitted that Liz and Anthony are adults, you'd also have to admit that, since you're older than they are, you're pretty much stuck in your shitty life. Hurts, don't it?