March 8th, 2005

Wednesday, March 9

"An'"s: None.

Gratuitous "quotes": None.

Improper punctuation: Three times. Panel one: Dash following an exclamation mark, and unnecessary comma. Panel two: Dash following a period.

Okay, so Elly is so grossly offended by Therese's breach of etiquette, she's sending her fifty bucks. Huh. And she's so mad she's gleeking! Look at her sealing the envelope!

Meanwhile, April is going to the shower, with a gift. Is she even invited? I'd like to think that this will lead to some conflict with Therese: "You tell your sister to keep away from my husband!" "Therese, don't be such a foob! She broke her leg tryin' to get away from you!" I don't have much confidence that we'll get any kind of resolution here, BUT, the fact that the last panel is focused on April, rather than Elly's reaction, leads me to think that we will see her there, whatever comes of it.

I do have to say, I like the "rripp" sound effect when Elly's tearing the *cheque* out of the *chequebook*. Meanwhile, April looks as if she's never seen such an action before. But that device in panel one is SO tired. Never in my life have I asked my parents "Whatcha doing?" when they're engrossed in paperwork. If they wanted me to know what they were doing, they would have told me without being asked. Otherwise, I knew enough to stay away; you don't want to get in my dad's face when he's balancing the checkbook.