March 6th, 2005

Monday, March 7

Aha! Further proof that Therese (sorry, don't know how to do accents) is EEEEVIL! She doesn't want gifts, just money! But...who has a baby shower two weeks after the birth? Could it be that she wants to offset the hospital bill? No, can't be: Canada has socialized medicine.

And "quotes" and an "an'" in the third panel. "Outside" visitors? Outside what? Is Elly even close enough to the Caines (that's Anthony's last name) to want to visit? Wait, what am I saying? Of course SuperGrandma has to make an appearance at every new mom's bedside!

But hey, don't sweat it, Therese: Liz is way too busy up in the frozen North to come down to steal your husband and newborn baby. And "Francoise"? What I wonder is, why haven't we heard Therese making catty remarks in French, secure in the knowledge that whitebread Liz will never recognize the words for bitch, whore and man-stealing strumpet.

Also, look at panel 4. April, don't put your hands in your pocket and slouch forward like that; it makes you look like you have a gut. And, when you pensively prop your chin on both hands with elbows on the table, then abruptly stand upright, don't you get dizzy?