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Some New Art From Lynn

I will quote the text and the pictures and then add my comments after the cut

Some New Art From Lynn

Painting By Lynn

What has Lynn been up to since she retired? She enjoys painting with acrylics, and we’ve collected some of her art here so you can have a look. We just added a few pieces she recently finished.

We’re looking into ways of offering prints of her art; please let us know if you would be interested in ordering them, if we added prints to our shop!

My comment:  I guess this means that Lynn has finished her production line of frightening animals and she is ready to put them up for sale.

Lynn's Latest Art

Many people ask us what Lynn's been doing since she retired from creating FBorFW.

She's been enjoying time with her granddaughter and grandson, travelling, and doing many other things, including painting with acrylics!

A tree in front of a lake at sunset

I had in mind an image of a twisty tree on a lakeside. It just came into my head. I used a photograph of a sunset for the background, but for the most part, this is a made-up image. It's in 2 parts and altogether, the work is about 5' X 3'. When I showed it to my daughter, she said the tree looked like a big, soft female form, which I think it does! Even though it's a bit like an animation background, I am fairly happy with it.

My comment: "a big, soft female form"?  What? Is she talking about the breast-like part on the upper left side of the trunk?  It looks like a tree where the roots are wrapped around the tree. These are called Stem Girdling Roots and they are very common in Maple trees.

Click for larger image

Also, considering that the light is supposed to be coming from a settling sun, that is not the way the part of the tree not facing the sun would be lit.  The grass, on the other hand, does look like grass facing a setting sun. 

a yellow dog

This goofy dog with the flower in his (or her) mouth was done for my granddaughter's bedroom wall. She likes it, which means a lot to me. I did a funny cat for my grandson which he has on his bathroom wall. Someday, when he wants one...I'll do a big painting for him as well.

My comment:  I am very excited to see Lynn acknowledge her grandson's existence.  The fact that the granddaughter has a painting that the grandson does not have is no real surprise.  Of course, since this painting would give me nightmares if I had to look at it in my bedroom, maybe the grandson has the better arrangement.

Abstract painting one
Abstract painting two
Abstract painting three

Two of the abstracts are oil and cold wax. The one that looks like a desert with mountains in the background is acrylic. To begin this one, I used gesso and mop cotton, which I pulled like wet spaghetti across the canvas. This was to keep me from making a cartoon landscape; I wanted to do an abstract. Unfortunately, acrylics are what I'm used to, so this painting went from abstract to this desert-looking scene because I overworked it. I played around with it too much. Oil and cold wax is like working with creamy icing, which you spread onto a hard surface using palette knives or squeegees. This is a real change for me. I think it has forced me to work in an abstract style because it takes a while for the surface to dry, and I can't use small brushes. Over the course of the pandemic, painting has kept me busy, happy and sane!

My comment:  I am so happy to see something that is not an insane animal.  That said, I am not sure which one of these represents the desert with mountains in the background.  The first one looks to me like a drawing of the layers of skin on a human.

Just before we left North Bay, Ontario, I saw a sale on tiny canvases at a local art/craft shop and thought I'd take advantage. You never know when you'll need a 4X4" canvas, so I bought a bunch of them—I have friends who use them to try out new materials. I thought I'd putter about with cartoon animals in COLOUR, for a change, and these looked like a perfect size. What you'll see here are some fast experiments; some are on wood, others on canvas, and all are done with acrylic paint.

My comment:  Demented dogs, cats, birds, and fishes. Oh my!

A dog, a bird, and a cat
A fat orange cat with a fish
A bird looks into a cat's mouth

Two dogs, a cat, a bunny, and a bird
A white cat holds a fish in its mouth
A yellow dog, a pink cat and a bird

Yellow dog with a bird
Cat with a bird
Cartoon Words

Fish and Octopus
Octopus and Fish
Turtle Starfish and Crab
Lynn's Process - painting in the works
Lynn's workspace

I like to use glass egg trays when I paint. The colours are kept separate. I can mix on the centre of the glass or on disposable paper mixing sheets. I use a laundry sprayer to keep the paint moist as I use it, then I cover the tray with light, plastic shower caps so nothing dries out for the next day's work. These can be found at your dollar store.

My comment:  No expense was spared in producing these masterworks.

Lynn's Process - deviled egg trays for a palette
Lynn's Process - deviled egg trays for a palette

What's great about a glass palette is that acrylic paint washes right off leaving the glass completely clean—no contamination when you do the next job. Let the paint dry hard, then soak the dish in hot water. The paint will pop right off. Keep in mind that this stuff will clog your drains, so I scoop what I can out of the sink with a small strainer, then use a straining cup in the drain when I let the water out.

My comment:  Good things to know just in case you would like to take up this for a business.

Lynn's Process - deviled egg trays for a palette
Lynn's Process - sink strainer

You can sometimes find these "devilled egg" trays at second hand stores. Buy all you can find because they are getting harder and harder to find! I have about 8—all in varying sizes; some with "gold" edges...all glass. Larger dishes with compartments are also useful, so go on a hunt for them if you like to work in acrylic!

My comment:  You can also get one of these from Michael's for $1.19.

Lynn's Process - deviled egg trays for a palette
Lynn's Process - shower cap

It would be fun to see what you are doing out there. I am going to try my hand at some larger paintings some time soon. LJ

My comment:  But only if she can get a lot of premade canvasses for the cheap.

Lynn Painting
Lynn Painting

My comment:  It's good to see Lynn smiling and happy.  However, these paintings are going to be a real test for her fans.


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