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Fiction overload!

About one second after I told the third person that I would post their fic on Monday, I remembered that Monday is a holiday. So here are the links/fics!

Chapter 27 of Finding Elizabeth:

Chapter 2 of jdobrian's fic:

And chapter 2 of raeling's fic!

Warren was already up when Paul groaned his way into consciousness.

"Good morning. Sounds like last night caught up with you." He shut his laptop and strolled over to the bathroom. "I'll get you a glass of water. Don't open your eyes." From the louder, more despairing groan that drifted in from the bed, Warren guessed that Paul had not followed his advice. "Well, suit yourself."

"I can't believe I did that..." Paul's face was buried in the pillow.

"I have to say, I was surprised too. Not just about the drinking- surprised that you realized how much she's jerking you around." Warren sat on the edge of the mattress, lightly prodding Paul to sit up.

"Nngh. Why're you..." Fumbling for words, Paul propped himself up on his elbow.

"Just drink."

They passed the next few minutes in silence, Paul sucking down the tap water and Warren idly staring down at the other man. It was surprisingly comfortable.

"What did she do this time?" Warren asked, his voice this time gentler.

"She's leaving Mtigwaki. She asked- she asked me to transfer up to Spruce Narrows to be with her! I thought this was it, I thought we were getting serious, but then all of a sudden she says she's lonely, says she wants to go back South-!" Paul's voice choked and he sat up, pressing his hand to his forehead.

"Oh, that's bad. That's worse than her usual." Warren slung an arm over Paul's broad shoulders, trying to make the physical contact seem natural and comforting rather than awkward.

"What are you talking about? You keep saying...her usual?" Paul's body was heavy against Warren's side and his breath smelled sour and alcohol-tinged.

"Elizabeth Patterson's pulled this shit before. With me, specifically. When I saw her ditching you in White River to pick up a ride with me, that's when I knew there was no future in it." Warren patted his shoulder in his best brotherly manner.

"You can't mean that..." A deep groan.

"Look, don't think too hard right now. I'm betting you're not used to being hung over. Let me brew you some coffee. It won't always be this bad."

"You mean my hangover or my girlfriend?"

"Yeah, you interpret that however you like."
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