Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, January 15

Aaaand, here it comes!

Panel 1: Yes! Someone's finally saying it!

Panel 2: I got no comment, because this is what we've all been saying! Guess it takes a native to finally tell it like it is! I wonder, though, how many cups of coffee they're going to pour down this chick while she's in Mtig. And I wish we could see Liz's face as she absorbs what Gary is saying.

Panel 3: Now, this I'm a bit unclear on. How recently was the Spruce Narrows transfer approved? We know it hadn't been yet when Liz left Mtig. But Paul carrying on with Susan while he was still in Otter County would, as we've said, require some serious tweaking with time and space. So is Gary saying that the Spruce Narrows transfer, for which Paul applied because of Liz, came through shortly after she left? And that enabled him to spend more time with Susan?

Panel 4: Because if so, then that reinforces the "guided their journey" theory. The SN transfer was inspired by Liz, but worked to Susan's benefit. I could do without the "shared culture" jazz, though: as we've said, Liz and Paul did have SOME common culture.

And gee, Liz, I wonder who IS going to guide your journey? It couldn't possibly be you, of course; that's ridiculous. It didn't seem to me, though, that you gave a rat's ass about Paul's journey, so I wouldn't even take credit for Chudsers' happiness. In fact, you really don't seem to care about anyone but yourself. I thought you went to Mtig to teach, to guide those kids' journeys. Guess not.

ETA: And furthermore, wasn't it Elly who guided your journey? You and Paul once agreed that it was a pleasant set of circumstances that led you to meet, and that someone was watching over you.

This still leaves the question of which transfer Paul was talking about in the December kisses-and-hugs phone convo. Did he lie and say Toronto came through when it didn't? Did he lie and say SN had JUST come through when it had already happened? Or did he get Toronto just now? And if so, did he turn it down, or is he going to accept it, and if the latter, then what will happen with Susan?
Tags: noble natives, pattersons aren't perfect??, stick with your own kind, white goose returns

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