Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, May 2

"An'"s: 2.

Gratuitous "quotes": 2.

Panel 1: Doesn't it seem like this strip jumps back and forth in time at will? One would think that Mike would have vacated the attic long ago. But of course, he's so busy being the Great Editor and telling his kids tall tales about chocolate boob milk. Silly things like a promise to a friend just have to take a back seat.

Panel 2: And why is it that Weed always looks either gloomy or dumbfounded?

Panel 3: But I applaud him for using the adult "and", rather than the "an'" that seems to be poor overwhelmed Mike's last link to childhood freedom.

Panels 4-5: Whoa, Mike is bitter! Now where does he get that, about Carleen having ownership of the closet? Not all women are clotheshorses, after all. But heck, Weed can always suspend a few hangers from his nose if it comes to that.

And Mike thinks it's a burden to have to put the seat down? How many freakin' toilet jokes do we have to hear around here, anyway? Lynn, dear, just because you can make these references doesn't mean you have to do one every week.

All in all, it seems that we're in for another week of "Married life sucks". Just get divorced already. Or start having an affair with Martha; that'll relieve some tension.

And as a footnote, I'll say that I absolutely love Carleen. Just because the only women Mike's familiar with are shrews, doesn't mean she's another one. After all, she gave up Ned even after having made him a pair of shorts (which is so something I would do!). I don't see how she's going to cramp Weed's style.
Tags: dickhead mike, foob history, mike an' weed, the delicate genius, weed an' carleen

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