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Saturday, January 13.

Holy crimeny. wengeue was kind enough to share the above link. By your leave, I will post synopses and URLs of upcoming strips as well, but not right this minute; I gotta EAT!

Panel 1: Well, as others have speculated, that's understandable if Chudsers had not been carrying on in Mtig, but merely discovering their feelings for each other. If, OTOH, Paul had two fish on his line, then all I can think is that Liz is even more hopeless at picking up verbal cues and reading tone of voice than we ever thought. Or Paul's a sociopath. But probably the first one. Meanwhile, Viv looks as if she's loving this. Like it's an interesting story being told by someone she has no emotional ties to.

Panel 2: Oh, so that settles that. Well, that puts Paul in a poorer light, certainly. OTOH, I can see him being afraid to bring this up with the very unstable Liz. And it's hardly as if she's 100% honest and forthcoming with him. Viv looks uncomfortable, like eventually she's going to be forced to point out that Liz is not completely blameless.

Panel 3: Well, I don't entirely agree with the idea that Natives can never survive in the Big City. But why should Paul have to adapt to anything, when it seemed, when he met Liz, that she was in the process of successfully adapting to the North? And I hope "one thing led to another" doesn't mean Chudsers have already gone roadside.

Panel 4: Uh, yeah, good question. All I can figure is, perhaps they thought she didn't want or need to be told. How were they supposed to know the depth of her commitment to Paul? Look at the depth of her commitment to Mtig.

Panel 5: Er...I don't entirely buy that. They certainly think everything else is their business, including keeping tabs on Chudsers' increasing coziness. I know this is supposed to be irony, but I choose to look at it more like, why should they try to spare Liz's feelings. What is she to them any more? What are they to her, would be the first question. And Viv looks almost angry.
Tags: noble natives, pattersons aren't perfect??, stick with your own kind, white goose returns

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