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What is a strip hybrid?

I still don't know what that's supposed to mean, but here's another article about the strip ending, or not ending, or whatever.

There's a link inside the article, highlighted as "what the cartoonist plans".

And dig this:

Still another reason Johnston doesn't want to continue doing new "FBorFW" strips every day is that she's not as clued in as younger people are to the latest technology, language, and attitudes. "I'm showing my antiquity," she said wryly.

One example of this involved a December 2006 sequence featuring a fire in the building in which Michael, Deanna, and their two young children live. Johnston originally showed Michael, a writer, rushing in to save his manuscript. Someone told her it would be more realistic for Michael to rush in to save his laptop, and Johnston ended up redrawing the sequence that way.

There's still more to it than manuscript vs. laptop, but at least LJ is taking advice from "someone". (Although if that "someone" was a Lynnion, it's a bit jerkish for her not to acknowledge that it was a member of her staff.)
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