Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, January 7

Panel 1: Ah, so Sunday strips are in the continuity loop enough to include the Pattersons Redux as members of the Sharon Park Drive household! (You wouldn't believe how many people in other groups kept saying, "But why is Merrie going downstairs on Christmas morning? They're not acknowledging the fire!" Because the Pattersons Redux did not HAVE a downstairs, dammit! That was John and Elly's house!)

Panel 2: Heh! Dogs as Dustbusters!

Panel 3: Jeez, Robin, calm down. Is this the only excitement you get? (Actually, it probably is.)

Panel 4: And calm down, April, for that matter. Jeez, what a scary face!

Panel 5: Whoa, now, whoa. You're gonna give him nightmares. I'm gonna stop taking your side if you don't stop terrorizing him!

Panel 6: That's a well-drawn face on April, but...why?

Panel 7: Really, Apes, since when do you get to sit in judgment?

Panel 8: I don't get it. Dog food?

Panel 9: Ack! Pumpkinhead!

Panel 10: Yeah, I'd look like that too.

Man, this is disturbing.
Tags: patterspawn, the martian creature

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