Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, January 4

"An'"s: One. (The quotes are not gratuitous, IMO.)

Panel 1: And I love how she's totally the gracious hostess, and acknowledges his out-of-no-freaking-where return with "It's been a while." Always the coy one, our Liz.

Panel 2: Yes, April, it's the rich dessert on the table! Get your hand away from his package, you little gig! And kudos to Liz for not mincing words!

Panel 3: And points to whoever (I think it was several someones) who predicted that Warren would offer Liz a ride to Mtig! What's this "if", though? And since he says "visit", it appears he knew she's not living there any more. Does everyone stalk her? Or is he part of an email ring that posts updates on Liz?

Panel 4: Palm to chest, mouth agape. Don't think I've ever seen it head-on, though. But...what tickets? ETAAgain because the tickets are probably bus tickets, and she just doesn't want to waste the money. But, as calicotuxedocat suggested, she could CALL and let people KNOW that she'll be arriving a day early. Except she won't, because that would make sense. And I have a sinking feeling that "I don't know what to say" is a phrase we're going to hear again, later this week or next week.

Panel 5: Uh...yeah. Apes, besides the fact that you were told to get lost, there's more to this than just getting a ride. But who wants to bet that getting there a day early will mean SHE gets the surprise? Ooooh!

ETA because I forgot the "rich dessert on the table" strip. You can gauge how Warren's appearance has changed.
Tags: paul is toast, previous strips, the martian creature, warren, white goose returns

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