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Exit Dumb Toddler Jokes, Enter Teenage Angst.

The very interesting thing about the lead-in to Elly wailing about how ooooooooold she is next week is not that she's going to have her daily attack of amnesia and start running her mouth about how suddenly, she looks in the mirror and sees her too old to live or love mother gazing back at her. The very interesting thing is that it's one of the last examples of humour based on Liz being ill-informed and immature.

This is because when September comes, what used to be the sporadic event of Elly howling that her children were growing up faster than she could keep up because Liz wants to wear things not age-appropriate to fit in with her classmates becomes more of a pitched battle:

because Liz has started to notice boys:

(Of course, she's too dense to notice when boys notice her but that leads into what we might call her immolation on the pyre of filial piety turned toxic.)
which, of course, leads to Elly losing her tiny mind because while she cannot co-exist with people, she also fears solitude:

and making more pious and ill-informed noise about how 'real' friends don't care what you wear despite probably having spent her own youth whining to her own mother about fitting in with the crowd:

Add in a father more interested in mechanical solutions to emotional problems:

it's kind of no wonder that she doesn't waste a lot of time talking to the cement-headed mother she's still kind of afraid of:

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