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Monday, January 1

Well, it's not midnight yet where I am, so this is my last post of the old year! But for many of you, it's the first of the new year. So enjoy! Or try to.

Panel 1: Jeez, is it really necessary to scream so loud it squeezes your eyes shut, just to announce that you'll answer the door? That said, does a "princess" answer the door? I really think they're going to be looking under stones for April's alleged brattitude*.

Panel 2: (Reno 911) OH MY GOD IT'S THE FIRE DEPARTMENT!!(R911)

I'd already been told the gist of this strip, but how I wish it could have been Paul at the door. Anyway, how does the fire department know where to reach the Pattersons Redux?

Panel 3: OH GIVE ME A BREAK. I am so sick of the Saintly Public Servants and their overinvolvement with the Perfect Pattersons. What is this, Sesame Street? And I thought that even repeated washing wouldn't truly "clean up" smoke-damaged items, especially soft things like bedspreads, blankets, whatever you want to call them.

Panel 4: kerssido is right: this is vommy.

Panel 5: Gratuitous. Unless it's a matter of "safe" as in "Hope we don't have to answer another call at her next house."

And are we ever going to see Liz with Paul? Or is she just going to be shown coming BACK from up north, and telling the whole story in flashback?

*My mom had an interesting take on Friday's strip. Which I did not ask for, incidentally. Anyway, she said that April's black thought cloud was probably a simple matter of her being preoccupied with some "teenage drama" and not directly related to Deanna's situation. But according to her, this is still a bad thing, because April is going to harsh everyone's mellow (my term, not hers) by continuing to have her own life and problems. Guess she's supposed to put her life on hold because Her Brother And His Family Could Have Died. But then, my mom was no more fond of me as a teenager than Elly is of April. The minute my sister came in the door, it was "Cookie, you're bothering us; go away."
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