Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, December 28

Panel 1: I love how they're literally talking over Carleen's head. Well, at least Weed's enough of a gentleman that he doesn't make her walk next to the curb. And actually, Mike, you do have some choices. You just took the one that works best for you. Except that Deanna gets the short commute for a change, and you have the long one. But you know you're never leaving that house.

Panel 2: Saltzmans, plural! I knew Morrie still existed! Not sure what Weed's getting at here, though.

Panel 3: Whoa! A whole paragraph from Carleen! All right!

Panel 4: Holy cannoli. This is a neat bookend with Deanna's car accident. When Elly saw her name in the paper, Mike said, "I thought she was just, you know...another person!" Elly: "No one is just another person, Mike." I liked that perspective better, though. Also liked Calvin's dad's reaction when their house was robbed: "The thing is, we're all 'someone else' to someone else." This reads more like "Why ME?!?!" with no real perspective. And what a bizarre head-shape.

(BTW, someone said yesterday that Carleen is "Asian, and knows her place." I don't know what she's supposed to be, but her last name is Stein, and she didn't always look like she does here. In fact, when that strip was posted, people were speculating that she might be NA.)
Tags: fire aftermath, previous strips, the delicate genius, weed an' carleen

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