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Friday, 8 May 2020

The one where Fiona starts to fake being sick because people are talking about her getting an apartment.

(Original Publication Date, 10 May 1991)

Panel 1: As she reads the entertainment section of the paper, John asks Fiona how the job situation is going. She says that she's got her irons in the fire, she's expecting a call any day now and so on into the same 'working on it' guff Mike will spout in sixteen years' time.

Panel 2: When he asks if she's looked for an apartment, she says that she checks the want ads daily. So will Mike. Neither actually want to move out.

Panel 3: We get to see why Fiona comes away with the impression that Elly only broadly hinted at her leaving when he mutters "it's just that" and trails off like she's supposed to clue in. Since she thinks that he's being strong-armed by his wife, Fiona counter-attacks via emotional blackmail. First, she says that she understands and will be out from under foot in no time.

Panel 4: She then says that this will happen as soon as she feels better. This alarms John but shouldn't. What should alarm him is that Beaumont has Binky Barnes's face.

Summary: It kills me that John is being upbraided for being generous to a fault like Fiona when I have to remember all of the excuses Elly makes for Kortney. It's a good thing that John didn't bring at up or it wouldn't be a phone book Elly bit into.

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