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Friday, 1 May 2020

The one where Elly's speech about tolerating everyone's eccentricities is contrasted with Fiona strutting around acting like she owns the place.

(Original Publication Date, 3 May 1991)

Panel 1: We set up the Housening when Elly does the palms-out thing as she explains that Fiona cannot stay downstairs as she is claustrophobic and allergic to dust. Mike doesn't care because he doesn't want to give up his room.

In sixteen years, Elly will tell April that Mike has a wife and family and nowhere to stay. In sixteen years, a child will give up her room based on a bullshit excuse just like this one.

Panel 2: Liz says that Fiona can't have her room because all of the baby's stuff is already in there. Elly apologizes for the inconvenience John's lack of foresight caused them.

Panel 3: Elly then says that Fiona is family and our guest and that it is important to be polite and considerate of one another.

What this translates to in English is "Since your father presented us with 215 pounds of fait accompli in polyester and since I cave in when it matters, we're screwed so bend over and get ready to take it up the arse."

Panel 4: Fiona proves herself immune to caring about the needs of those around her by saying that since Beaumont hates Farley, Doggie gotta sleep outside.

Summary: A sane person would ask if it took tweezers and a match to rid himself of a parasite like Fiona. Let's watch what the Blunders family does.

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