dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Palm Sunday 2020

The Sunday strip where April really debuted and what Lynn decided to change.

(Original Publication Date, 31 March 1991)

Panel 1: As it was before, we see Liz standing by the doorway telling Mike to listen. This means one thing: Mike starts a long tradition of either being physically or mentally absent at a birth.

Panel 2: In the original version, Liz tells Mike that it's here! OUR baby is here!! Now, Liz reacts to the baby's crying by saying that it sounds as if the baby is awake.

Panel 3: In the original, Carol tells Elly "Here's your baby. It's a girl"; in the reload, she says "Here's your baby. She's all clean."

Panel 4: Both strips converge when Liz tells Mike that it's okay for him to come in.

Panel 5: Since Mike is used to television births and thus would not know why Robin Williams talked about little old men dipped in forty-weight, it mildly disgusts and baffles him that boy, Baby Whatever sure has a red face.

Panel 6: He then comments on how strange her head looks.

Panel 7: Next, he points out that her skin is all powdery and wrinkled.

Panel 8: A beaming (and bare-ass naked) Elly says "I know! Isn't she beautiful?"

Summary: What's equally beautiful is that despite believing that John doesn't really belong at the bedside while the kids and neighbours do, Elly can hold his absence over his head like a bludgeon for the rest of his life. Hell, not even Death will stay her grudge!!

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