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Sunday, 8 March 2020

The one with moralizing about how it's the horrible struggle that is childbearing that makes our children precious.

(Original Publication Date, 10 March 1991)

Panel 1: We find ourselves watching Elly count "1, 2, 3" as she prepares to get out of her chair.

Panel 2: Since she has been pregnant since 1979, she says "HEAVE" as she gets up.

Panel 3: The strip proper begins with Elly waddling painfully down a void to highlight the suffering involved in giving birth to a child who won't be grateful or think to do anything nice for you until it comes time for Burying Bob with his big, black truck to ask "casket or urn."

Panel 4: Elly tells the audience that she is sooooo uncomfortable; she cannot sit, she cannot stand and she cannot even sleep because of the burden she is cursed with.

Panel 5: She then thought-bubbles that she wishes that this was over and that she was her normal self.

Panel 6: Having noticed that Mommy is in constant pain, Liz comes up to her and asks why it takes so long to have a baby and why it can't be three months instead of nine.

Panel 7: Doctor Elly blanks out on how it takes that long in order for the child not to be born an eyeless, headless imbecile so she can say that it would be too easy and it wouldn't be the overwhelming event that it is.

Panel 8: This is so she can blame Nature. Nature, you see, demands that Women MUST SUFFER and wants them to be so fed up that they would do anything to get it over with.

Panel 9: Liz sets up the punchline by asking why Nature makes having a baby so difficult.

Panel 10: Elly makes a sappy comment about how it's because the things you treasure most are the things you've worked hardest for.

Summary: This is, of course, yet another strip designed to be taped to a refrigerator. It's also a rather interesting lead-in to the Not Really Wanted Baby Shower arc that looks to Elly like she's being picked on.

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