Foob,the series:episode 1

I will be starting this series with this particular episode,then going back briefly to explore the early 90s specials that are on YT,then resuming with episode 2. I’m not doing the Farley episode. It’s too depressing.

Here’s a link if you want to follow along: 

According to the description,the first two segments were based on Sunday strips,and the third was completely original. Does anyone know which Sundays the first two segments correspond to?

From 0:55 to 1:40 LJ introduces us to the show. She comments that through her strip she’s been able to revisit past experiences. Through her strip,she’s raised her kids twice. Nice sentiment.

Segment 1 - “Three and Sympathy” (2:20 to 8:24)

We begin with a slideshow sort of thing,entitled “Thirst Quencher”. The plot of this seems to be “Elly getting a drink for Farley”. Yawn.

It’s a rainy day in the Pattermanse,circa 1984. We get treated to Elly (as voiced by Abby Hagyard,at least I think it’s her) preparing a meal,set against some mice mood music that gets upbeat. Cut to Mike (Rylan O’Reiily) teasing Farley with a bone. Mike says he’s only doing so because he can’t find Liz.

Elly offers Mike a job slicing apples for her,then has a cough.

Mike finds Liz in the living room,and teases her by imitation,leading her to whack him with her fists before leaving. At 3:56 he goes “Teasing. It’s an art.” I wholeheartedly agree with this.

More Elly preparing food. Liz (Anna Wedlock) asks if she can have a pop. Elly directs her to the fridge,where she finds some. Alas,alack,for the Mikester is behind her,and tries by trickery to obtain the sweet drink. Liz makes ‘ih! ih!” out of breath sounds while struggling for the soda. Mike wins,but Elly interferes. He shakes the pop before giving it to Liz,and when she opens the can it sprays all over her,leading to an angry ‘uhhhh!’ from her. This leads into a chase scene.

Unfortunately,Elly isn’t feeling good,so she retires to bed to take a nap. Liz and Mike make her a hot water bottle and hot chocolate. <i>Aww</i>. John’s bringing Chinese food home. Was Chinese food available in Torontan suburbia in the early 80s?

Anyway,Chinese food means lots of rice and no dessert (save for the hated fortune cookies),so Mike decides to make Elly’s unfinished pie. Liz proceeds to misunderstand some basic cooking when she pours apples into the unmade pie. Cut to cooking montage. When the apples run out,Liz resorts to what I think is apple jam. Mike explains what a roller is,and Farley proceeds to bite it. With a topping installed,the cooking begins.

John (Terrence Scammell) arrives back home. Elly is feeling better. They observe the kitchen,but are surprised by Mike and Liz. 

Segment 2 - “Take my Mom,Please!” (9:00 to 15:03)

The slideshow this time is ‘Bllfttt!” Liz is teaching April how to stick out her tongue like a pro.

It’s now 1992 or thereabouts,and Elly,Mike,Liz,and baby April are shopping at Eastgate Mall. Mike is now voiced by Henry Gauthier and Lizardbreath by Vanessa Lengies.

It’s the beginning of vacation,but first they need to buy summer clothes and new bathing suits. Baby April babbles in the background. She is also adorable.

What’s wrong with Elly’s old suit,Liz asks? It shrank. Liz wants to go to ‘the Zap’,Elly favors Philpots. Mike and Liz,not so much. Baby April has learned the art of mimicry.

So they go shopping. Liz decides to try on some new clothes. Mike decides to pick out his own undies,because train undies are out. He gets offered purple money.

Liz is trying on new clothes. Or should I say,16 year old-type clothes. I have to differ from Elly here. Liz looks great in those clothes (at 10:20). Elly is embarrassed and makes Liz try on something else. Liz’s defense is that Candace wears stuff like this. Elly doesn’t care if Candace wears the Papal tiara (not the words she uses,but close enough).

Cool note:behind Elly (10:24,roughly) is some weird geometric print depicting a large purple circle,a smaller golden circle,and a Sun on a brown background. Prints like this are common to the series. Would it have hurt whoever was drawing these these to come up with actual logos?

April,in the meantime,has snuck behind a clothing rack,providing a pleasant surprise for Elly.

Mike is searching for undies when along com3s a cute sales assistant. Mike gets tongue-tied because he’s Mike.

Liz is down in the dumps as we pass our second geometric print (pink background,large yellow circle,smaller red,pink,and purple circles). Baby April wants out of the stroller. Elly wants Liz to dress appropriately. Uh,El? She’s giving you the stink-eye,and imitating gagging. And now you want her to babysit baby April,while picking out some clothes you both like? Please.

(Insert a wild Kate Moss reference here)

Baby April still wants out. Elizabeth be all like “Don’t get your training pants (whatever those are) in a knot!”. Lol.

Baby April has also learned the pinky sign. And she runs off.

She finds Mike,who is actually happy to see her. Liz teases Mike about his choo choo undies. Double lol.

Baby April is missing! And also there’s our third geometric print (an orange circle and two pink circles orbiting the Sun). 

Elly mopes and hears April off in the distance. She tries on sunglasses,and just about falls in a fountain. Elly catches her just in time. All is well.

Segment 3 - “My Dinner with Elly” (15:45 to end)

Slideshow - “Night Heat”. Elly has hot flashes.

It’s now sometime in 1997,so far as I can tell.

Elly asks John if he checked in the closet. He did. Whatever he checked for isn’t there.

Along comes April (Bryn McAuley,which explains why she sounds a bit like Caillou). She can’t find a monkey. He’s right by the front door. Also there are her blanket and toothbrush. Mr.B can’t come along,it’d be too stressful (not to mention Becky’s poor mother). So it’s a sleepover at Casa McGuire she’s going to.

We get a brief view of (jean-covered) Patterbutt from John,who’s going to a model train convention without his conductor’s cap and whistle. Cue folksy background music. John blows the whistle,summoning Edgar. And Liz (Lianne Picard-Poirier),who now has teh short hair. She proceeds to criticize his dress sense. She herself is meeting Candace and Dawn at ‘Club Soda’ (no guys allowed),because wing night w/bottomless fries. Also,John is a nonconformist. John’s like “We never just ‘hung out’.” Dude,things were different when you were growing up.

A honk of a horn announces Ms.McGuire’s arrival. April’s like ‘Don’t miss us too much!”. <i>Awwww</i>. Side note:Mike’s absence is due to college. John leaves for the train convention. Elly basks in aloneness. I’m with you on this one,El.

Elly takes a bath,accompanied by some nice music and a blissful smile. Edgar chooses that moment to interrupt. But then we hear a door slam. Lizardbreath is back home,and she. Is. Angry. A descending sinister piano plays as she marches upstairs. What happened? Nothing,but her whole night was ruined. Oh,and Elly,you’re dripping.

It turns out that Candace and Dawn (side note:both of them,plus Shawna-Marie,appear in later episodes) stood her up.

She was at the Club Soda on Pine Street.

Elly peels some shrimp,because she’s making stuffed salmon. There are also peppers,mushrooms,dill,and butter. What kind of a meal is that? She’s making this just for them. Because dinner’s always better with family.

Basically,the upshot of this is that there was a misunderstanding. Candace and Dawn were at another Club Soda,so Liz thinks about leaving,but ultimately has dinner with Elly.

Random notes:

These Pattersons seem much nicer than their strip counterparts. You’d actually want to be friends with them.

The Patterhouse too has a homely feel to it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


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