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Monday, 10 February 2020

The one where Michael realizes that years of abuse means that Elizabeth will always seek revenge on him instead of helping him out

(Original Publication Date, 11 February 1991)

Panel 1: Michael asks Elizabeth if this is OK or what as he points to his neck.  Elizabeth points to the ketchup stain on his shirt.   Michael is unconcerned about the ketchup stain or even whether it should be “catsup” or “ketchup.”  After all, Pattersons eat like slobs, so this is probably normal for Michael.  Both in the original black-and-white and the coloured versions, there is no ketchup stain on Michael’s shirt in panels 3 and 4, which just goes to show that the biggest benefit for a sloppy Patterson is a lazy artist who could care less about continuity.

Panel 2: Michael says he is talking about the hair and yet he appears to be pointing to his nose.  Is he talking about his nose hair?  Elizabeth’s response of “Looks OK, I guess” is the perfect kind of response if you don’t know if your brother is talking about his head hair or nose hair.

Panel 3: Michael feeds Elizabeth a straight line by talking about a curve in his hair as a “dip.”   Somewhere over in the land of the B.C. comic strip in 1991, Johnny Hart smiled and thought, “Lynn Johnston is stealing one of my jokes again.”

Panel 4: Elizabeth does the sticky-out tongue laugh as Michael yells at her for not taking his question seriously.   In the meantime, readers are thinking, “That’s a surprise.  He didn’t hit her or beat her up.”  Not to worry, gentle readers, Michael will get back to beating up his sister in no time at all.

Summary:   I would say it is Mike’s duty to avoid describing himself with words that his sister can turn into insults, however, that would mean I said “doodie.”

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