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Thursday, 2 January 2020

The one that's the first strip in which John is a mouthpiece for Lynn's GP that has Connie tell Elly about all the new options expectant mothers have that somehow leads to Elly reminding us that she hopes that one day, men WILL feel the pain of childbirth and thus stop with the "There, there Dear"/"CURSE OF EVE!!!" bullshit.

(Original Publication Date, 3 January 1991)

Panel 1: As Connie puts the coffee cups back in the cupboard, she makes the mistake of telling Elly how wonderful she looks. Once again, we get Elly asking "I do?" because all she sees is a big belly.

Panel 2: When she tells Elly that she supposes that she and John have gone to pre-natal classes by now, Elly looks down at her belly and says no, they haven't done so yet.

Panel 3: This astonishes Connie because, as she tells Elly, she should because things have changed in the ten years since she was carrying Liz; things are happening that are revolutionizing the experience for the mothers of today.

Panel 4: Since she's married to a rock colossus of ignorance, stupidity and no-think, Elly gets way too giddy when she asks if they've finally found a way for men to give birth.

Summary: The reason Elly says this is that while John has the best of intentions, he was designed to be (or is perceived as being) hard-wired to be utterly incapable of even beginning to imagine how painful and awkward pregnancy is. This is owing to the means by which he frames his objections to what he takes to mean "I want to kill myself and the baby so I can be modern."

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