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So how will the Liz - Paul - Granthony triangle play out? The possibilities are endless, methinks!

-- Paul accompanies Liz to the inevitable NYE party, where they meet Granthony and (choose one):

-- a scuffle ensues, to Liz's mortification, causing her to choose gentlemanly Granthony over base Paul

-- there's no confrontation, only Granthony slinking away, hopefully forever

-- Paul sizzles with unreasonable jealousy, causing Liz to choose humble Granthony over possessive Paul

-- Liz gets too loaded to make heads or tails of anything that's happening, thus no forward progression

-- Paul is shot and killed in the line of duty. Granthony comforts Liz.

-- Paul is distressingly late arriving in Milborough, giving Liz time with Granthony at Elly and John's Christmas party, which causes her to reconsider.

-- Paul has a fatal car accident en route to Milborough (credit someone at Comic Curmudgeon). Granthony comforts Liz.

-- Chipper + Suds 4Evah. Unlikely, IMO, since Paul announced his transfer, but can't be entirely ruled out.

-- Granthony surprises Liz with a diamond ring before Paul shows up.

-- Granthony plans to surprise Liz with a diamond ring, but sees her in an embrace with Paul, and slinks away, a la John the Comic Book Guy in Funky Winkerbean.

I'm sure I've overlooked other possible scenarios. Have at it!
Tags: speculation

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