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Thursday, 12 December 2019

The one where we get to anticipate that Mike will spend the rest of his life seeking out quick fixes that are not quick and do not fix anything.

(Original Publication Date, 13 December 1990)

Panel 1: Some time later, we find ourselves looking at a wide-angle shot of the Patterson house. This is so we can have it demonstrated that the conversation Liz and Mike are having is taking place on the other side of what we can see.

This is so Liz can ask Mike why he's using Elly's hair dryer and he can tell her that he's trying to get the snowblower started. It would appear that he doesn't know to take the silly thing inside to warm it up.

Panel 2: He does the Charlie Brown angry yell face thing when he pisses and moans about how he's been trying to get the stoopid piece of junk working for over an hour. As the Engineer would say, Mike just ain't doing it right.

Panel 3: This baffles Liz, this wasting time of his. After all, there's not really all that much snow. He could easily use a shovel so howcome does he want to use the snow blower. Mike stares at her like she's a big idiot.

Panel 4: Mike proves himself to be the big idiot when he says "Because it's faster" because he's the son of an idiot who goes broke saving money on cheap bed-sheets that pill up in the washing.

Summary: It is usually sheerest futility to get Mike to understand how stupidly he pisses his time away. People who point out his wretched time management skills are against him and don't love him.

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