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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The one in which Leah takes Elly's comments about wanting to eat everything in sight far too literally.

(Original Publication Date, 21 November 1990)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at Anne's place so Elly can go there to complain about a non-issue over a cup of coffee. Since she's stupid and forgetful, it comes as a shock to her that merely because she is pregnant, some unkind fate (who is probably male) has made her unable to control her appetite and she feels hungry all the time. Since Anne remembers her pregnancies and isn't stupid in the same way Elly is, she assures her that this is normal. Meanwhile, Leah is clinging to Mommy because that's what kids do.

Panel 2: Elly steers the conversation back to where it's supposed to go: people pitying her and howling about how unfair her life is when she says that it's driving her crazy. She's even eating left-overs she's saving for the dog. As Anne smiles at the crazy person, Leah drinks out of a sippy cup.

Panel 3: When Elly hits peak "Curse my weakness and pity me" mode and says that she can't help herself because no matter where she goes and what she's doing, she wants to eat everything in sight, Leah gasps in horror.

Panel 4: This becomes The One In Which Lynn Reveals That She Doesn't Understand That Yeah Isn't A Scream Of Alarm when Leah surprises the old people by running away and screaming in terror because she thinks that the Stooped-Over-All-The-Time Lady wants to eat her, bones and all.

Summary: She would go on to use this particular variant of her trusted "Children are stupid so they take things literally because they're stupid" theme when Poopy Pants thought Elly was going to become Canadian Content Female Mister Creosote. Meanwhile, this is Leah's only real contribution as a character: running away from Elly because she's afraid of the crazy woman.

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