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Some observations about the 2000 cartoon series of FBorFW

- The portrayal of Mike really cracks me up. He’s just so....carefree about things. He’s able to laugh at himself more than he’s able to in the strip,and his sibling rivalry with Liz is there in all its glory.

- Liz is voiced by three people:Anna Wedlock in the Early Years segments,Vanessa Lengies in the Growing Years segments,and Lianne Picard-Poirier in the Later Years segments. Picard-Poirier voiced her in the early ‘90s Lacewood animated specials as well. I wonder why she came back.

- (Growing Years) Is it just me,or does Martha’s voice actress sound Russian?

- Time-and-story-wise,the segments seem to have a ‘null center’ of 1985 for Early Years,mid 1992 for Growing Years.and late 1997 for Later Years. This segment- the only one so far I can assign an actual time period to.

- I’m not sure precisely how much of the plots comes from the strip,but the plotlines for these segments seem to be original to the cartoon: (Trade Off) (It’s a Living) (The Bogeyman) (Young Love’s Kiss) (Parade Passing By) (If It Ain’t Broke) (Learning Curve) (Movie Magic)

- I really like the musical cues at the beginning of each segment.

Would you all mind if I posted reviews of each episode?

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