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Sunday, 20 October 2019

The one when we realize that instead of adding in seat belts, Lynn Johnston should have been subtracting 1970s slang.

(Original Publication Date, 21 October 1990)

Panel 1: Mike and his unknown passenger (we) are excited about turning the vehicle on two wheels.

Panel 2: “Mat it on the straight stretch.”  I can’t find “mat it” in my internet searching.   I do not know what it means.  Judging from Mike’s comment, it has something to do with pyromania.

Panel 3: The fuzz.  Yes, the slang term for the police in the 1970s.

Panel 4: Michael has decided that he is no longer worried about riding on the public streets, but is racing to set a record.

Panel 5: Mike slows down for the Sunday driver and fogy alert. The fuel crisis of the 1970s and the accompanying rise of gasoline prices all but killed the pursuit of the Sunday drive, but not in Michael’s 1990’s mind.

Panel 6: Mike calls the old person one of the stupidest 1970s insults “a turkey.”  At least he doesn’t say, “jive turkey.”  Reading this comic strip is really taking me back.

Panel 7: Back to street driving, Michael remarks how he passed someone and now he has to stop for a red light.

Panel 8: Michael considers the phrase “lay rubber” to be associated with breaking hard for a red light. It actually means accelerating quickly to the point of producing smoke and tire tracks.

Panel 9: At this point we realize Michael has been doing all this in the presence of his father who appears to be checking the oil. Another teaching moment lost by John Patterson.

Panel 10: When is John going to teach Michael how to drive? The answer to that is never. He just saw John not teaching him how to check the oil on the car. John is not a teacher. Michael is sent to a driving school.

John’s only job is to console Michael when he fails to get his license by letting him know he was also a failure and that makes him a better dad. No John. It doesn’t.

Summary: Keep Michael off the road. Or at least keep him from using 1970s slang as he is driving.

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