Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Saturday, December 2

Well, I don't know what the frack is up with the Yahoo! comics. Had to go with

Panel 1: Oh, what horrible boors. Funny thing is, though, from the way they phrase it, it would appear that this is not the beginning of the conversation. Sounds like they started with "When are we going to get our water back on?" or something along those lines, and Lovey told them to stop with the tsuris already.

Panel 2: Lovey is so diplomatic, isn't she. Yes, in all fairness, the work does have to be done, but how about, "Sorry for the inconvenience, but it'll only take a little while"? She's just as passive-aggressive as any Patterson.

Panel 3: Again, all together now: OH NO SHE DI'NT!

Panel 4: Oh no! Wait for it...

Panel 5: Well, roll me in cornmeal and fry me for breakfast! FINALLY! For the first time in, what, two years? a foreshadowing has proven itself to BE a foreshadowing!

But what I still don't understand is why, when Michaelagh apparently couldn't live without Ned, he didn't notice that Ned immediately went missing? Also, are the gigantic glowing bubble letters really necessary? You'd think Ned was a person he'd given up for dead in WWI Paris or something.
Tags: kelpfroths, lovey, ned

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