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Elly's Library Job and the Book Reviews

Elly's library job has never been well-defined, and the book-review component does not make actual sense.

Here is what Elly said when she was first hired for the job:

Here is what she tells Connie:

What Elly says to John about her job doesn't exactly mesh with what Susan says about it:

Elly had told John that she, Elly, had been hired as the children's program coordinator; however, Sue tells John that the children's program coordinator at the main branch of the library oversees Elly's job. Also, check out what Elly's resume will say about the job in 1994:

"Library arts coordinator"? What?!?! But the most interesting/weird component, to me, is "weekly children's book review." In the strips, there are countless examples of Elly sitting at a typewriter, and in many, she is probably supposed to be toiling away at her endless book reviews. But I think this may have been the only strip where the reviews were defined as "children's book reviews" and the frequency given ("weekly").

The book reviews are part of Elly's library job, but for some reason, she delivers them to "the paper," as mentioned in this strip we saw in July:

We get another reference to her taking her reviews to the paper here (in a strip we will see next year):

In my mind, this whole "publishing a weekly children's-book review in the paper as part of a library job" thing is just one more example of "Lynn doesn't understand HOW THINGS WORK." Maybe it comes from Lynn being a syndicated cartoonist. After all, she works for the syndicate, and her comic strips are printed in newspapers.


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