Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Tuesday, November 28

Panel 1: As whoever is driving points out, Liz is now at a turning point. She's been thrown together with Granthony, and now it's up to her to a) choose him b) definitely choose Paul or c) continue to be passive. Wonder which it will be? Judging by the fact that she wants to go back and hear the verdict, looks like a or c. (Being there with Pornstache when the verdict is read will not by any means force her into a decision!)

Panel 2: And John puts in some more propaganda for his future son-in-law! Look at the pride on his face! And why do people keep saying "Your friend, Anthony," with a comma an' everything, instead of just "Your friend Anthony" or even just "Anthony"? I'm surprised it's not in "quotes", actually.

Panel 3: I was going to say, "You forgot trustworthy, reverent and clean," from the Boy Scout motto. But let's break this down. Honest? GMAFB. Hard-working? Well, I wouldn't call him a slacker, but then I'm not sure "hard-working" is so exceptional. "Whaddya want, a cookie?" Smart? Well, he has a degree, but again, not being dumb is nothing to get so excited about. Funny? Since when. Kind? Uh...let's ask Therese, shall we?

Panel 4: Yeah, guys, shut it! Although we still don't know if Granthony knows about Paul. And I dread the last panel...


Just today, I smacked down someone on another board when they raised the same question. Basically, it was what we've all said about Paul's job, plus, "Liz is the one who decided to pull up stakes. Paul was a devoted boyfriend, but there's a limit to how long and how far he should pursue Liz if she's just going to keep backing away."

I can only hope that that gobsmacked look on Liz's face indicates that she realizes this. But it almost certainly does not. Instead, she's looking at Paul in a new light. He didn't drive 200 miles or whatever it is to sit in a courthouse for a fucking week. Heartless bastard.

Lynn. You. Suck. ETA: I'm glad I'm not the only one enraged by this! The only reason I'm not yelling anything is because my husband is on a business call right now, and I don't want him to have to explain that there's a crazy comics-snarking person living with him. But god-DAMN, this makes me livid!
Tags: granthony the amazing, liz regressed, lizthony, paul is toast, the trial

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