dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 3 August 2019

We come to the end of the arc with John and Elly doing what John and Elly always do when confronted with the way normal little kids think and act as if they've just experienced something no one should be asked to predict.

Panel 1: The next day has a happy, excited Liz come into the room wherein Elly is typing something for hobby work and tell her and John that Mrs Allen from Day Camp is there and GUESS WHAT?

Panel 2: "What" happens to be that they were cleaning out the back of the bus that day and found Liz's glasses. Since she doesn't have to buy them in bulk now, Elly smiles and asks where they were.

Panel 3: Since Liz forgot what Elly told her because of an over-precision that set her up to fail, she left them behind a back seat, under a towel, rolled up in a napkin and somehow stuffed into the running shoe of some girl named Rachel. Since Liz doesn't understand that since she didn't do it exactly Elly's way, she's wrong and must apologise forever and ever, she says "SEE! SEE!"

Panel 4: As Mrs Allen smiles and as John and Elly look on in baffled horror, Liz smiles broadly and says that she TOLD them they she'd looked after them.

Summary: The reason Mrs Allen is smiling is that she does something John and Elly cannot do: understand kids. They lose things. They forget things. They make a hash of instructions and say "Eh.....close enough." It's a fact of life Elly wishes wasn't because she expects more of her kids that she herself is wiling to deliver.

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